GY-Vacuum Table

Horizontal Cutting Machine

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Band Knife splitting Machine
Band Knife splitting Machine

Model Vacuum Table Vacuum Table Vacuum Table
Working Width 1400mm (55.1") 1600mm (62.9") 1700mm (67")
Working Thickness 175mm 220mm 230mm
Working Length 2600mm 2600mm 2600mm
Knife Wheel Drive Motor 2 x 5HP 10HP 2 x 5HP
Knife Up/Down Motor Servo 2kw Servo 2kw Servo 2kw
Roller Positioning Motor Servo 0.4kw Servo 0.4kw Servo 0.4kw
Roller Drive Motor 1HP 1 HP 1 HP
Grinder Drive Motor 2 x 2HP 2 x 2HP 2 x 2HP
Vacuum Motor 6 x 2HP 6 x 2HP 6 x 2HP
Table Drive Motor 10HP 10HP 10HP
Knife Positioning Motor 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
Control Panel Moverable Touch Screen Moverable Touch Screen Moverable Touch Screen
Electrical Requiremnents 220V/480V/380V 3Phase 220V/480V/380V 3Phase 220V/480V/380V 3Phase
Footprint / Net Weight   228” x 183” / 12,120lbs