Expanded rubber machine

Horizontal Cutting Machine

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Expanded rubber machine
Expanded rubber machine
Expanded rubber machine

This is general basic model and available for multiple use For instance, Expanded Rubber - showing high performance of skiving and foam sheet split.

Our GY1700 CONV.1(

Expanded rubber machine

) can be used to cut all kinds of expanded rubber foam (Neoprene), PE, EVA, EPE, PVC flexible foam, Cork, and synthetic rubber similar materials guarantying thickness tolerance of 0.1mm. The Touch screen lead automatic thickness control system provides very accurate and simple operation. The machine can be incorporated into a continuous production line.

This Expanded rubber machine is Multiple Foam cutting machine for expanded foam rubber.

The Expanded rubber machine is available for additional conveyor line CONV.2
Available for most rubber foams of hardness (8-90 shore)
Expanded foam rubber : CR(especially Neoprene) EPEM rubber. EVA. PU. PE. EPP, EPE, PVC flexible foam, Cork and sythetic rubber with similar properties
□ Electric & electronic industry, Pads for sound & vibration_proof - CR, EDPM
□ Auto industry, Gasket, shock absorption, sound-proof : CR EPDM, EVA
□ Construction industry, sound-proof, vibration-proof, shock absorption, lags
□ Sports & leisure industry, shock absorption, lags
□ The others, diving suit, marine rescue suit, packing materials, mouse pads
  • All Operations by PLC inverter and touch screen
  • Available cutting thickness : 1mm to 200mm
  • Available cutting width : 1600mm
  • Available for upper roller up to 90mm and lower roller up to 200mm and available for up & down
        movement of 0.01mm each per a touch.
  • Rubber foams are provided continuously by the upper and lower rollers.
  • Quick and correct up&down movement of the upper & lower roller by servo motor
  • While cutting foams, Grinder sharpen the knife continuously.
  • Always keep the best cutting position by automatic controller
  • Accurate and simple operation of touch screen
  • Safety system for European an U.S. market.
  • Availabel for high precision products
        - Available cutting for 1mm (tolerance +0.1mm), for soft rubber foams.
        - Available cutting for 0.7mm (tolerance +0.1mm), for hard rubber foams.
  • Available for roll products